Javier Milei’s Unique Blend of Catholicism and Judaism Explained

 Curious about the unique religious beliefs of Argentina's President Javier Milei? Dive into his intriguing mix of Catholicism and Judaism that’s capturing global attention. Click to uncover the spiritual journey of this unconventional leader and how it shapes his politics! 🌟

Javier Milei: The Unconventional President and His Unique Religious Beliefs

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Milei's Complex Religious Identity

Javier Milei, the newly elected president of Argentina, is not your typical political leader. Known for his bold economic views and fiery rhetoric, Milei has also sparked curiosity and debate about his religious beliefs. Just days before his official visit to Israel, where he announced plans to move the Argentine embassy to Jerusalem, Milei declared, "I am Catholic and also practice a bit of Judaism." This statement has left many wondering: What religion does Javier Milei truly follow?

A Glimpse into Milei's Background

  • Born: October 22, 1970 (53 years old), Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Residence: Presidential Residence of Olivos
  • Nationality: Argentine
  • Religion: Catholic Noachide

Navigating Religious Identity: Catholic Noachide

The Argentine federal government supports the Roman Catholic apostolic faith, but Milei's religious practices are far from straightforward. His recent speeches, particularly his inaugural address coinciding with the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, have emphasized elements of Judaism. He highlighted Hanukkah as "the festival of light, celebrating the true essence of freedom." So, what exactly is Milei's religious stance?

Christianity and Judaism: A Unique Blend

On a recent Sunday, during his speech to the nation, Milei invoked Judaism, underscoring the significance of Hanukkah. This has led to speculation about whether Milei identifies more with Judaism or Christianity. His close association with Rabbi Axel Wahnish, seen together at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, further fuels this discussion. Rabbi Wahnish, a member of the rabbinical council of the Moroccan Jewish Community in Argentina (Acilba), has been guiding Milei in the teachings of the Torah from a religious center in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires.

What Does It Mean to Be a Catholic Noachide?

Being a Catholic Noachide, the belief system embraced by President Milei, means identifying with the Catholic faith while also respecting and incorporating the teachings of Judaism. This includes adhering to the seven universal precepts given by God to Noah after the flood. This unique blend of beliefs makes Milei a fascinating and complex figure on the global political stage.

Rabbi Axel Wahnish: The Spiritual Guide Behind Milei

Rabbi Axel Wahnish plays a significant role in Milei's religious education and spiritual journey. Wahnish, from the Moroccan Jewish Community in Argentina, has been instructing Milei on the Torah's teachings. This relationship underscores Milei's commitment to integrating Jewish principles into his personal and public life.


Javier Milei's religious identity is as unconventional as his political career. His blend of Catholic and Jewish beliefs, guided by Rabbi Axel Wahnish, adds another layer of complexity to his public persona. As Milei continues to lead Argentina, his unique religious views will likely continue to spark interest and debate both at home and abroad.


Q1: What is Javier Milei's religious belief?

A1: Javier Milei identifies as a Catholic Noachide, which means he follows Catholicism while also respecting Jewish teachings, particularly the seven precepts given to Noah.

Q2: Who is Rabbi Axel Wahnish?

A2: Rabbi Axel Wahnish is a member of the rabbinical council of the Moroccan Jewish Community in Argentina. He has been guiding Javier Milei in the teachings of the Torah.

Q3: Why did Milei mention Hanukkah in his speech?

A3: Milei referenced Hanukkah to highlight its significance as "the festival of light," celebrating the true essence of freedom, which aligns with his libertarian values.

Q4: What does it mean to be a Catholic Noachide?

A4: Being a Catholic Noachide means identifying with Catholicism while also respecting and incorporating the teachings of Judaism, especially the seven universal precepts given to Noah.

Q5: How has Milei's religious belief influenced his political actions?

A5: Milei's religious beliefs, particularly his respect for Jewish teachings, have influenced his political actions, such as his decision to move the Argentine embassy to Jerusalem and his public speeches incorporating Jewish principles.

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